The wonderful SPA experience at the laboratory SPA & health club

The wonderful SPA experience at the laboratory SPA & health club
The wonderful SPA experience at the laboratory SPA & health club

The sauna's pleasant resin scent allows the human body to absorb the beneficial components of amber more easily through the skin and inhalation: it stimulates metabolic processes, reduces inflammation, and enhances blood circulation.

Rituals at the SPA

You will feel relaxed and have unique moments of beauty and harmony while participating in the laboratory SPA & health club routines. Experts will advise you on the best SPA ritual for you, during which you will relax, regain strength, forget tension and weariness, and have the opportunity to pamper yourself with great beauty and health-promoting operations. The subtle luxury and one-on-one care will make you feel like you're the only person on the planet. Take a step into a different world of pleasure by opening the door!


The Natura Termo SPA offers a wide selection of massage choices for outstanding relaxation and health development, including express, facial, head, neck, shoulder, foot, and leg massages, as well as massages for pregnant women and children. There's also the chance to try one-of-a-kind holistic face and body massages, aromatherapy massages, hot Baltic stones, and amber or Baltic sand wax massages. All massages are performed by professionals who have years of expertise and are highly qualified.

Procedures for the body

The SPA center offers a variety of procedures for body strengthening and skincare, including slimming electrostimulation, body scrubs with mineral geothermal salt, Baltic amber, cinnamon, various body wraps using plant flowers, chocolate, Baltic amber, detoxifying wrap with seaweed, pace, and other body procedures.

Procedures on the face

In the face operations, the best grade materials are utilized, which are completely ecologically friendly. Plant extracts from grains, fruits, and rings, vitamins, Dead Sea salts, oligo-elements, seaweed, and plant collagen are all included in the formula. Qualified SPA facility specialists can also create skincare items for you during facial operations. The following cosmetic operations are performed in the SPA center by qualified professionals:

  • eyebrow correction and dyeing,
  • eyelash extensions,
  • hygienic manicure,
  • long-lasting nail polish,
  • manicure for men, children, classical pedicure.
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city and county healthcare

Studio in the solarium

Given the environment in our nation, tanning in the natural sun is a great difficulty. You will acquire a smooth bronze tan that you can enjoy all year at the SPA center of the Natura Termo SPA, in the safe solarium of the current generation.

Hammam in Turkey

The pores open throughout the hammam treatment, preparing the body for a soap massage that will immerse you in a true soap foam cloud.The most relaxing body treatments – skin peeling and cleaning – are performed on the heated marble beds. There is a favorable influence on the body – blood circulation, lymphatic system, respiratory and nervous systems – after hammam operations.

Sauna in a private red room

We offer you to try out a new space at SPA Center with a huge Jacuzzi and infrared sauna for private pleasant relaxation or holiday. There are also comfy couches and seats, as well as separate changing facilities for men and women, for your convenience.

Party at the SPA

A birthday is approaching, or perhaps you just want to unwind with your friends? All you need for a nice, particular feminine event are SPA parties. At any given time, a private leisure space can accommodate up to ten people.

Children's books

While you relax in the pool or sauna or indulge in SPA treatments, your children are welcome to visit the Children's Educational Studio. Every day, a nanny looks after children, playing, reading, cutting, flying, and staying with them. We also host informative birthday parties for kids, where they may spend time being active and having fun in nature, the pool, and the games area.

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The wonderful SPA experience at the laboratory SPA & health club